Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rough And Tumble

Jacob has been into climbing lately. Up chairs and down them. Over the side of my chair downstairs into my lap. Up on the table. Trying to climb out of the crib. Going up ladders at the playground. Falling down slides.

Courtesy of this new found obsession are lumps, bumps, and bruises. He went down a covered slide today and I couldn't catch him in time because I didn't know he was going down it. The bottom doesn't flatten out enough and he shot right out the end and landed in gravel, chin first. This morning, he fell between two chairs and hit his forehead, creating a nice thin bruise.

I'm getting scared of what he can get himself into. He no longer wants to be strapped into his seat at the table. He signs "all done" and whines until he is released to climb up and down. He sticks his fingers in furnace grates and cries because they get stuck. He wants to climb on the counter tops and run into the streets. He shocked himself this morning with the cord to his humidifier. I've been telling him for days to stop messing with it, spanking him when he does it again. I think he'll leave it alone now.

This is the Trouble with Boys. Girls must be less curious than this. Right?

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