Saturday, January 30, 2010

Children Are Awful

I've been taking Jacob down the street to this little park since we moved in to our "Apartment" since Hunter likes to go for walks and Jacob loves slides. I forgot it was there before and I was never around much so it went unnoticed until now. It has swings on one side, a basketball court and a jungle gym on the other. There are almost always kids there, even in the middle of the day. The other morning, I went by after a walk and two kids came up to Jacob's stroller to play with the car parts then took off a few minutes later, not saying a word to either of us. But the thing that gets me are the tween kids who play there and seem to think that because their parents let them play unsupervised that they can spout off whatever vile nonsense they want. It's really not ok to be screaming the F-bomb when a toddler is trying to go down the slide. I'm really not that anal about what people allow their kids to say but it crosses a line with a bunch of thirteen year olds want to scream obscenities in front of babies. So I put on my Teacher Voice and yelled across the park to them. One boy said "no" and the girls told him to "hush" so it's nice to know I still have the "touch." I don't have a clue who the kids belong to but they don't need to know that.

Are kids like this all over? Or just in my small town where parents let their children run free and not worry about them getting into trouble? Are all tweens this disrespectful?

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