Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Return To The South

Jacob and I are flying to Mobile, AL tomorrow. We're going to see my brother and his family for a week since his wife is having a hard time adjusting to being a mama and she's saying all sorts of horrible things. We're worried and a little angry. I wish I had a husband who went to work everyday and still managed to take care of the baby half the time and help with the housework or just give me a day to sleep in. She has money to spend and the opportunity to go back to school or work if she wants. I want her life. It's what we were supposed to have before Jacob was born and CS quit his job.

I'm excited to go back even if it's for a sad purpose. It's actually a lot warmer here now but I'm hoping we can sneak a trip to the beach in a few times. I get to meet Carter and let Jacob entertain him.

We're up in Denver until we leave tomorrow. I was having to quell all sorts of nervous thoughts about leaving to come to Denver and then Alabama. I like having Jacob in his routine and leaving means all that changes, even when it doesn't. He's a good kid and he doesn't have a hard time when he has to nap on a bed and not his crib. Bedtime is still the same and he's eating like he does at home. I don't know why I felt like the world would come crashing down if I left for ten days. I'm glad it passed so I could actually enjoy my time away. I used to spend weeks from home. It's nice to get away.

So I had better stop wasting my time in the big city and go Google some sewing stores. I need a walking foot so I can finish my quilt when I get back. And start on a new one for my mom!

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