Friday, March 19, 2010


This morning, when we took a pile of my laundry to the apartment's laundry room, I left Jacob run over to the swing set and play for a bit before coming back for breakfast. It's a perfect sunny day, too warm for long sleeves and jeans. I sat on the swings and watched him run around like a wild monkey, goofy arms and wobbly run. And I thought how perfect this summer will be. Spending most of the day outside, soaking up the good weather before another endless winter.

Then I realized that I have to start working soon. My plans of spending the summer with my boy in the pool as a stay at home mom aren't really reality anymore. I need less than a thousand a month to support us, but I'm not sure how to make enough without working too much.

All I ask for is to be able to stay home and raise my baby. Is that too much? I hope not.

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