Sunday, September 19, 2010


This month we celebrate Pioneer Day here in Fremont County. Did you know, a very long time ago, that they almost made Florence the capital of Colorado rather than Denver? I can't imagine what our part of the state would look like if Florence was no longer the small town. I think Denver is a little bit more picturesque and less desert like, so I would say they made the right choice!
CS, Jacob and I rode in the fire truck for the beginning of the parade and settled ourselves onto the tailgate of CS's truck for the rest of the show once we got back to the station. Jacob ditched us about halfway through to go ride on the 4-wheeler with CS's parents. I should have made him stay to keep me in candy. No one likes an adult to go out there and steal kid's candy. But no one cares when you have a baby with you.

We went to the park afterwards and spend most of the afternoon there. Jacob managed to charm one of the carnival vendors into letting him have balloons whenever he passed by. I let him by a squeaky mallet which he used to pound another child's head in a mock fight with an equally squeaky alien. CS managed to drive me crazy in the two blocks back to the car by incessantly banging it onto his body, the stroller and my legs.

CS and I managed to pawn the baby off on to my mom and we went out to the street dance for a bit. We met up with a few of the girls I hung out with back when I worked at the bar, but they left early. It wasn't nearly as much fun as I would have liked it to be, but at least we got to go out and act like normal adults for a few hours. Plus, when you only have $25 to go out with, you don't come home and get sick before bed and wake up feeling like a bus hit you. Good thing I have the tolerance of a 14 year old again.


Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Fun! I love parades!

Kendra said...

he does not pose with you because he only poses with other STARS (people in the parade) you are just a commoner....