Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bargains of the Year

I decided to take a trip to town this afternoon. I needed some time to be by myself. I spend quite a lot of time with Jacobey and I rarely get to go shopping. Lack of money, needing to be at work by 1, and a busy toddler do not make shopping trips fun. So I drove to my mom's and dropped her off at her part time paperwork job before heading up to the Springs to visit Ross and Target. I wasn't sure how I was going to fill a couple of hours by myself at only two stores but it turns out that's not a problem. I just make it a point to look at everything in the store. Twice. You just never know when you will find a bargain!

My best score was a set of sheets for $3.48. They are the "College" brand, so the thread count is only 225 but I managed to get a pillowcase, Fitted Sheet, and Sheet for practically nothing a yard. I'm planning on using it to back my quilt, so I saved myself about $30 by getting it. Plus it's polka dots, and I'm not one to pass up polka dots.

I also can't pass up a pair of argyle socks and a pair of peacock socks for a buck each.

Unfortunately, I came home to a baby still napping. At 8 PM. NAPPING. So we will be up until about, oh, 2 AM, I'm sure. I guess I will just leave him with CS to deal with and go to bed at my normal time. So not my problem. But did you know that 4 hour naps make you want to run around in circles before shouting WOOHOO and throwing both arms in the air? Me either!

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