Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hello Fall

I'd say we've been busy, but I'm not sure that's technically true. We've been trying to be outside as much as possible. Mornings are a bit chilly now and I know it's going to be cold soon. Too cold to sit on the grass and watch Jacob ride his bike in the driveway and up the sidewalk. Soon we will be in jackets and warm boots instead of teeshirts and bare feet.
I really hate winter. If we could have an eternal fall, I'd be happy. Winter in this house is going to be cold. Even now, when it's 80 something degrees outside, my toes are already freezing in the afternoon when I sit at my desk. After work, I step outside into the full sun to warm my body. Winter means no more playing outside after work because it will be dark at 5.

But I do love a reason to wear these new argyle socks. Only $1 at Target. I got four pairs. Jacob seemed to think they belonged to him. His daddy did not agree. I have circle scarves in the making, as well as the desire to pull out my knitting. I have two pumpkins on my counter for pumpkin butter. Fall can be lovely.

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