Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Did It And Now I'm Sad

I decided that we should cut Jacob's hair this weekend. He cries every time I have to comb it so often I don't comb it to avoid the cry fest. And thus, he looks like an orphan boy.

CS spent a lot of time with the comb and scissors to make it even and a less dramatic change in his hair. But after almost an hour, Jacob didn't want to be touched anymore and CS needed to finish up or let him walk around with uneven hair for a while. Possibly days or weeks, knowing Jacob and CS.

So we resorted to the clippers and while I am the one who suggested it, I had no idea how short it would be.

He looks so different and grown up. I already miss his blonde curls and sweet little eyes peeking through his hair. He had crazy hair and it was part of his personality. I didn't mean to cut it so short! But at least it grows back, right?

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Harish said...

beautiful kid.......
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