Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy Week

This week, I had to work all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. The bosses went to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo and I got to stay behind and make more money than usual. I can't say it's a fair trade but next year the Expo is in Kentucky and I am ALL OVER THAT. Hopefully, I mean.

So I've been chained to my desk for the past two days and this morning felt like a vacation until Jacob woke up at 4 AM calling for me. He woke up for good at 7 because there were covers on his feet (I know). So instead of sleeping in, we got up and laid around before going for a walk. The iPod was dead though, so I really couldn't catch a break! Oh, first world problems...

Working from home for a full day really isn't bad, but it kind of wears you out when you sit at a desk for 9 hours. I'm not really a sedentary person. Jacob and I spend the majority of the morning doing things so that I don't feel like a total slob when I sit down at 12 or 1 PM for work. I know I am so blessed that I get to work from home and I make enough to pay my bills on my part time salary. But I still miss the freedom of not working. Weekends go by so fast, I don't get nearly as much sewing time as I would like!

My Etsy shop isn't getting very much business but I have been getting a lot of attention from my Facebook friends. Last month, I made a make-up roll, a diaper bag, a purse/diaper bag for people I know. This month I have already made an apron and I have one knitting needle case, two baby carriers, and an apron to whip up as soon as I can. I love that people are willing to let me make things for them, I only hope that they enjoy them and that the quality it good. I think a crafter will always be the best critic. But I certainly hope that I'm becoming a good crafter. I'm trying not to focus on how long I've worked on something, but that it looks good.

So speaking of crafting, I am going to have a giveaway. Just need to take a picture tonight! Fun, yes?

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Kendra said...

I am your biggest fan I hope I win