Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Talk, Talk Talk

I'm feeling slightly better about the short hair. I know he looks terribly cute and grown up, but I felt that his long hair was part of his personality. I miss it!

This week, I've had to work at my co-worker's house since my hard drive crashed and I'm waiting for it to be rebuilt. CS sent me a text today and told me that Jacob was sitting on his lap, asking for me. When CS told him where I was, he'd say "mama, wuv you."

He's quite the chatty boy these days. Everything he says to me is followed up with "mama."

"Here, mama." "Bye Mama." Juice, mama?"

I know it's just the beginning. Soon he's not going to stop talking, just needs to figure out how to say a complete sentence without mumbling through two of the three words.

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