Thursday, July 07, 2011

Family Time

The last two weeks, my brother and his family have been at my mom's house. They just left his job in Florida and are now on their way to Utah for the next one. It will be nice to have them closer, so they can visit on holidays without dropping a grand on a 4 day trip.

Jacob has been introduced into the world of Cousins: The Younger generation. It did not go so well. Carter doesn't have many friends, if any, his age. He's very laid back, but not quite sure how to play with kids his own size. He very much wanted to wrestle Jacob and that was not cool in Jacob's book. Jacob would also like Carter to not hug him all the time, touch any part of his body, or touch his food.

But then they would have five glorious moments of sharing and hugging and one bout of wrestling. Jacob actually took Carter down and I was beginning to think my husky boy was weaker than a 2 year old.

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