Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Instant Grass

As part of the garden effort, Chris's parents decided that we should sod the backyard. They own the house, so it was fine with me! Chris put in a sprinkler system a while ago and we found with weeds for a couple of weeks before finally laying the sod.

Chris started early on a Wednesday morning to get the grass in. I don't think the kids helped him much.

Now you can see the lovely corn! It took Chris all day, minus a break when everyone told him he was doing it wrong, to get it done. We finally finished when the sun went down, thanks to a lot of help from his dad. Getting the ground level was a nightmare.

So now we have to water, water and water some more before we can go play in it! I'm looking forward to having Jacob's party here in September. I want to string up lantern lights and plant tiki torches and just sit outside in my fake Adirondack chair.

Sadly the mosquitoes will just eat me to death and the dogs on the other side of the yard leave stinky little bombs all over so it's not a perfect dream.

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