Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zoo Zoo

We made it to the zoo for our annual Uncle-Niece day. Going on 10 years now! We always go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, because it's awesome and only about 30 minutes from our house.

CS joined us this time and it's nice to have someone else to lug the 30 pound baby around. We took the stroller but Jacob thinks it's cooler to ride on his daddy's shoulders. Or my back, like a koala. Once I told him that God gave him legs, so he needs to use them. The next day or so, he came up to me and asked me to pull his leg off because he didn't want them. Because then I have to carry you up the steps for more juice? It doesn't work that way, kid.

Unfortunately, these are the ONLY photos I have from the day. A mere five minutes after we got to the zoo, my camera battery died. I can't believe I didn't think to charge it!

But if I only got a few photos, then I'm so pleased that I got them of my absolute favorite part of the zoo. Where else can you feed a herd of giraffes?

Side note: We had the MOST. AMAZING sandwich at the zoo. We usually scorn food at the cafeterias because it is usually high priced fried food. So we never actually went into the food court since they re-designed it. It's awesome. They have all sorts of stations: sandwich, salad, rice bowls, pizza, grilled foods, ice cream. The sandwiches are the size of platters. HUGE! They were amazing. My mom and I split a Turkey Club with Praline Bacon and I did not realize that you could actually make bacon BETTER. Chris got the Roast Beef but he said mine was better. Jacob got chicken strips. He declined to comment on the quality.

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The Shavers said...

cute pics! Hope to see you guys when I am in town