Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Survive When We Break the World

Chris and I are giving each other green thumbs this year. We're pretty sure we can survive when the world breaks down and we go back to having to plant and harvest all our food. The above statement contains no truth whatsoever but it does feel good to think we could survive. Never mind that we'd have to walk over a mile to the river for water! Above is the pea and carrot row. Most of my carrots never made it up or were eaten to nothing by an invisible bug so I had to plant peas in the empty space. The onions are on the left and doing so poorly, I have no idea what to do about them! To the right is the lettuce and it's an understatement to say it's doing well. Anyone need some lettuce?

This is the first picking of my cucumber plants. Two days later, I picked at least 4 more and last night Jacob and Chris picked over 10. I made pickles this weekend! Next year, we are planting 2 cucumber and 2 squash to avoid cucumber overload.

This is my tomato/pepper row along with all my potted herbs. We'll see if any of these produce, as I planted them too late and they are much smaller. The first tomato plants are almost taller than I am and they are about to tumble over, despite the baskets!

These photos were taken just before dark and I have an allergy to my flash so excuse the darkness!

You can just barely see the little tassel of silk, which means we are going to have corn by the bushel in a couple of weeks. Because Chris wouldn't let me thin the rows too much! He's really excited about the corn, guys.


Abby said...

oooh, looks so good! I want a yard with a garden.
That said, I've killed cilantro and lantana plants this year which should theoreticlaly be impossible, so, chances are good I would not do great with a garden.

randi said...

i LOVE fresh corn! i hope you guys get a bunch!

shoshana said...

The probalem with that is where do you get the water twhen the world falls apart? And how do you keep people from raiding your crops?