Wednesday, July 22, 2009


CS got a phone call yesterday. It was a company in Alabama, calling him in for an interview for a position as a foreman. One he applied to months ago and they told him that since he left the jobsite with an application and brought it back later, he would be put on a 30 day restriction and he was not allowed to take a weld test.

He got two more phone calls after that. Two more companies looking to hire him.


Not that we could have stayed in Alabama. We had no more money for rent, food, utilities. Nothing. But now he's working a job where they aren't paying him what he deserves and needs yet, and they made him wait two weeks after we got here before they found work for him to do. So technically, we should have just stayed and waited it out for three more weeks. We probably would have killed each other, but at least we'd be somewhere that winter never visited.

I wish this wasn't so hard. I wish I knew where CS and I should be. Are we making more foolish decisions by coming back to CO? Just like when we moved down to Alabama without a secured job. How long do we have to wait for CS's new job to "pick up" before they pay him the amount he agreed to wait three weeks to receive. What if it takes a few months for them to decide to pay him what they said when they offered the job. Why can they get away with keeping him hanging on a promise? These are things I cannot change and I don't know how to cope with them.

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