Monday, July 27, 2009

Stupid Storms

Look, Colorado. I know that we need the moisture and these daily storms are how you like to bring it in the summer months. But you are killing my head. I started to get a headache at dinner and it slowly built as the storm came up from Colorado Springs to Fremont County. And now the storm has passes us but my head it still aching. Tylenol doesn't cut it either. And I was just informed via that I am not supposed to take aspirin because children and nursing mothers are at higher risk for Reye's Syndrome and internal bleeding. So that one aspirin I took at the beginning of July was a HUGE mistake but I was not going to make it from Denver to Penrose without trying to chuck the baby out the window for crying that he was tired of being confined and all he wanted to do was crawl freely at some point in the day. So I took one. We are both fine. But clearly, Colorado, I cannot take an aspirin everytime you decide that we need some rain. So please, rain if you must. But leave the barometric pressure behind. We do not need it. Our altitude is enough of a headache as it is.

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