Friday, July 17, 2009

When I Was Young...

I was watching TLC's "A Baby Story" where a woman was in the hospital for a C-section and while she was waiting to be cleared for her surgery, her six year old son was having a hard time accepting her situation. He was upset about her being hooked up to the monitors and seeing them putting her IV in brought on a wave of tears. They tried justifying it by saying that "he's only 6!" Which, well, I guess is a valid point. Except when I was six? I was the "nurse" for my dad and my mom's friend Amy when they delivered my baby sister because the midwives were late. I had to rush back to my mom's room and grab the box of medical supplies so they could suction her airways after she was born. I couldn't get the bulb aspirator package open (because I was six and those things are hard to open at that age) and I had to give it to my dad to rip open. So no, I think six is old enough not to be freaking out that your mom is having a baby. Sheesh, they should have given him a job to do in the operating room. I'm sure I could have handled it at his age.

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