Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Defining Moments: Engagements

I woke up before Jacob did on Christmas morning. This isn't unusual, since he can sleep until 10 some mornings. But this morning I was ancy, waiting for him to wake up so he could go open his box of Cheetos. First we woke up CS, where he was sleeping on the couch because there isn't enough room for us on the full sized bed at my mom's. Then we woke up Gramma and put on a kettle of hot water. Chris put on Christmas music and started putting gifts in piles. We let Jacob open most of his at once, waiting in between each one so he could enjoy them before ripping open a new one. The box containing his bag of Cheetos was the biggest hit. He started jumping up and down, squealing and signing "more" when he saw the bag. Then everything had a residue of orange dust on it. My brother got him a mini ball pit that required being blown up without a pump and I'm proud to admit that I did it without getting lightheaded or passing out.

After Jacob was secure in his ball pit lair and watching his new DVD of The Best of Elmo, we started opening our gifts from each other. I got CS a kit for making beer since he never gets to buy it now. He got me an iTunes card. There was also a construction calculator, a KitchenAid mixing bowl, a knitted cowl, a pillow, and small things in our stockings. Christmas in a recession is a lot more practical now.

After all the paper was cleaned up, Jacob, mom and I were playing with his toys and CS went out to his truck. When he came back in, he handed me a little gold box with a white bow. I was surprised, as the last thing I was expecting was a little jewelry type box. I tried to open the bow and ended up ripping it off before CS showed me how to peel the bottom part off. Once I got to the white hinged box, I popped it open and there was a diamond ring. My mom was exclaiming "oh my gosh" and I can't even remember what I said. I think there was gasping on my part. Then CS got down on one knee, right next to the ball pit and asked me if I'd marry him. I said yes, and eventually remembered to kiss him. He told me about the ring and got me a little sizer so it wouldn't fall off my finger.

So we are engaged. It's very surreal and since I can't get my ring back until Wednesday, it seems even less likely that I will be planning a wedding soon. You never know when those defining moments of your life are going to spring up on you.

I'd leave you with a picture of the two of us and the ring but I have none. There is one somewhere out there, but I will have to track it down. I hope your Christmas morning was as much fun as ours!

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