Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten Days Later

NaBloPoMo should have prompted me to write here more. I'm going to blame Christmas on this last absence. I am busy with knitting and occasionally sewing. I am *this* close to being done with crafting for everyone but I have at least one bag to knit, two hats to knit, and either two bowls to knit or to clutches to sew*. I should probably knit up two bowls since the recipients are both capable of sewing but not knitting and I cringe to think of them checking my stitches but the clutches are so much quicker! I sewed up four in about 45 minutes, and that's with fighting my machine because it didn't want to go over four layers of fabric. Why does my machine hate twill? Twill is so nice! Except it also ruined my rotary cutter and I don't want to buy a new blade.

Jacob and I are at my mom's for an indefinite amount of time. CS is in, well, somewhere in Colorado...by Durango? Off Highway 50? I don't know, honestly. I know the hotel he's in but not the town. Hmm, anyways. My mom had a procedure on her sinus cavity and gums to start the process of getting an implant for the tooth she had pulled due to an infection; so instead of staying at CS's house while he was gone, I packed up some bags and moved home. But now his parents are re-doing their bathroom so his mom wants me to stay here until that's finished. It's perfectly fine for me to stay here, but I hate that Jacob's crib is not here and that he refuses to sleep in the pack and play for longer than an hour. And when we return to the crib, I have to fight him for a week or so about sleeping in his crib for at least three hours before joining me in bed. The boy needs his own room. Which!

We may be moving into CS's brother's house when he returns from his trip. We'd have two rooms, I think and it's in the basement but Hunter could join us! We would be out of his parent's house! The only problem is paying utilities. We wouldn't pay rent because the house is owned by his family. It's perfect, sort of. Perfect in the sense of getting us a place where we can be a family but not so perfect that it's our own house with no roommates. In Jacob's entire life, he has only spent 2 months with just us under a roof. We have lived with my brother and his wife, my mom, then his parents and now his brother, possibly. Now we just have to pray that CS's job starts paying him what he deserves and we can get our own place when he starts getting VA checks for going back to school in January. Maybe by June I will be able to wean the baby and get a part time job. I actually have someone to help me watch Jacob starting in September. She's having a baby in April and she offered to watch him a few times a week if I wanted to go back to subbing in the fall. I am optimistic**!

*SarahB-Uhh, surprise? Pick one!
**woah, who am I? Optimism? What is that?

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