Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Oh, December!

Remember when I used my Wells Fargo card as a farewell to pay for my jewelry? Then I was going to cancel it so I wouldn't have a higher interest rate? Well. Turns out they like to TRICK you because I called on the 30th and she informed me that I had to call before midnight on the 29th to cancel the card. Screw you, Wells Fargo. You've been put on notice.

CS called me this afternoon to tell me that I could go cash his paycheck that he was given on Monday with the instructions to not cash it until Tuesday. Except apparently, he was supposed to tell me when to cash it after he got the go ahead from his boss. I deposited it on Tuesday afternoon, as he told me Monday that I couldn't cash it until tomorrow. They are on notice too. You don't give your employees a paycheck then tell them to wait a few days when the only money they've had for a month totals $400. Have I said how much I hate this job lately? No? I do. A LOT.

However, the fire department just paid off because CS walked in with a big check and we can now afford Christmas pesents! And have money in the bank when his crazy, expensive, too many stikes on his record truck insurance automatically withdrawls from his account in a week. Granted, for all the time he spends on calls, this check probably only pays him a nickel an hour. But as long as he enjoys it, we'll take it. Booyah.

Victoria's Secret is also on my happy list because they sent me a $10 off card for any purchase. Which means I will be getting something new on Friday. But it's up to me to decide if it should be for me or for a gift. I'm having a little bit of a hard time with giving of the "free" things I've gotten this past week because I have been so broke for SO LONG that any little thing where I can get something just for me that my mom doesn't have to pay for is awesome. Like my free jewelry and now a sponsored trip to VS. This is also why I'm going to use my Banana card to buy gifts and use the cash to pay for the bill. Because they give me rewards and I miss shopping. It's the little things!

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