Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bark, Bark

Last night, after I got home from working at the bar, I took the last Benadryl in the house that my mom left out for me. I've been suffering through constant draining of my head, sore throat, and coughing due to some nasty ass allergies that are resistant to Claritin. It's actually so bad that I've had a terrible time sleeping, thus the need for Benadryl. And I slept SO WELL. I didn't even wake up till my alarm went off. I love mornings like that.

Mornings I do not love are ones where I have to go find my large Lab o'Lovin and punish his chubby belly. We've been having huge problems keeping Hunty in the yard. At this point, I'm not sure how he's getting out. We've put up taller fencing on two sides, some electric fencing around the bottom of one side, and the other side has two layers of fence. He's still getting out. I think he may be jumping the back fence and getting to the field for freedom now. This morning when I got up, I let Emma in but there was no Hunter in the yard. I shouted for him, in my nice scratchy, almost non-existent voice. I see no brown blur coming to me. I hear barking. So I brush my teeth, put in my contacts, put on shorts and a tee shirt. I can tell it's Hunter barking, and he's in someones barn or garage. As I walk down the street, the barking gets louder as I come to the barn. Our neighbors have a bloodhound, not a mean one, but not a very nice one either. I'm not looking forward to having to step on to her territory to retrieve my dog. I'm also worried that he's gotten himself trapped somehow and possibly gnawing off his legs in between barks. I approach the door to the shed, and see Hunter's back end. I said, "Hunter. Come." and he turns around and runs to me like I may have just saved his life. Right in front of him is Peaches, the blood hound, and she clearly was not going to let him past her. So I saved him from a possible beating from Peaches. However, he still got punished and is now tied up to the back porch. I'm not letting my baby get killed because he's too stupid to look for cars. And I'd really like the binge eating to stop. It's not an attractive look. I like my Labs to look more like dogs and less like barrels.

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abbacus said...

Hello missy, I found you through Sarah. I hope that is ok?

I miss you... I'm always sad when you go to Ohio and I don't see you because I am not there.