Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hello Poohbear!

Hi guys! I mean, DD! Hi! I know you've been busy with law, Dunc, and other things you do on your own time, but I'm sure you've checked my page and you're probably sick of my Open Letter. Hmm, me too.

Anyways. I have been out drinking a lot. I do that a lot now. It may be why I'm beginning to notice that my stomach is looking different these days and I'm not sure I like it. So I took up running to combat the effects of all the shots I'm taking. Last night I took five, but I ran almost a mile and I also walked for two. See, I am battling the bulge.

I went to a concert last night with the DPH, and it was pretty kick-ass. We had a table right up front with space to dance. And dance we did, in between the shot taking and the picture taking. Apparently, I am a fish. Evidence lies not only in my ability to drink 1 beer, 2 mixed drinks, 2 jager bombs, 2 red headed sluts, and 1 raspberry lemon drop but also in the many pics of my fish face. Unfortunately, I also met some guy. Usually I meet lots of guys and do a pretty good job of treating them like I am not interested. Because I am not. I am not interested. But sometimes, after a few drinks, I forget that I am not interested and some persistent idiot snatches me up. They then proceed to compel me into dancing with them, or taking shots, or having general conversation. All these things that I am capable of avoiding when sober. Sadly, last night I was not sober and found myself with a boyfriend. A kiss you on the cheek when he leaves the room boyfriend. Now, I had me one of those not long ago. And I liked him. But I do not like it when a boy whose name I could not remember, who also has a fucking lhasa apso with a little bed in his bedroom, and a pom pom ski hat on, kisses my cheek. It may have helped his case had he not been a terrible kisser, but sadly the little dog may be my one and only deal breaker that I will follow through on even if the boy is charming, cute, well dressed, melt in your mouth yummy. If my dog is bigger than yours, I'm going to say goodnight now. (Which leaves out everyone except the Great Dane dog owners, and that's exactly the kind of dog I want next so call me!)

Speaking of dogs, Hunter made me laugh out loud for a good five minutes last night. He's been getting out of the yard, so we put up a nice electric fence to keep him in. When I got home last night (at 4:45) I let Hunter out so I could sleep in peace. I got all comfy in bed, closed my eyes, and hear "eipp eipp ow eippp...scramble on porch...WOOF." Ya'll, Hunter got SHOCKED. And serves him right. I told him not to touch it.

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