Wednesday, March 28, 2007

She Hung Up On Me

I will give you the scenario and you have to guess who hung up on me. It's way easy.

Her: Um, what the fuck is this "I heart liberals" crap?


I'm sorry? It's not that I don't heart Republicans. I'm a closet Democrat (fuck, there I go outing myself...again...sorry mom.)and I will most likely end up voting for a Democrat in the next election. Unless it's Hilary, as I am done with both the Bush family and the Clinton family. This is not a type of monarchy! I suppose I'm more of a moderate than anything else. I can't pick red or blue. I hate that our country is so torn down the middle on what side you are on. Because none of the issues we fight about are ever so black and white. And if the issues aren't black and white, how can I pick a side? I don't ever want to have an abortion, but I can't say that someone else shouldn't. I certainly can't agree with homosexuality being wrong. The social issues have us fighting against each other, and no one really thinks or talks about the rest of the spectrum. Can we lay off the gays and the abortions and focus on the war, the economy, and our rights, our environment? We're supposed to be the best, what if we fall apart?

It's a scary place to live right now, if you really stop to think about it. I think I'd like to take up farming. So I have a food supply when the world shuts down.


abbacus said...

dude, this outing is not even a little bit suprising to me.

My sister told me once that she wanted to be a teacher or nurse so she could work in a third world country. I was like "oh, so you can be in the peace corpse" and she was ike "no, i think the world will change a lot and it will be like that here" You two should compare doomsday scenarios sometime

Anonymous said...

for the record it was:

what this I heart liberals bizness

oh um I have to go do storytime now

ok agahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh click

abbacus said...

ahahahaha, i wrote peace corpse instead of peace corps