Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hello darlings.

I had a day off yesterday. It was lovely. I woke up at L's house and we ran around town in the morning. I suppose I meant to get my car fixed, but I had neglected to call about that before Monday morning so I'll have to do it some other time. I got to Denver in time for lunch (Drunken Noodles and Thai Ice Tea), did a little shopping (Red Currant candle smells so amazing),got gelato, and watched a movie (Happy Endings). I love lazy, plan-less days like this. Like Stina said on Friday, her plan was just to "get wasted" because who needs plans.

We did not get wasted on on Friday. That's what a trip to Flo-town mid-evening does to you. It makes it impossible to get drunk. You just get tired. Then you go to Denny's and share a plate of French fries while wishing you were at home in bed.

Dana straighten my hair on Friday night, and no one recognized me at the bar. It's kind of annoying. I love my curls. They are me and they are my signature. So it's unnerving when people tell me how sexy I look with straight hair. Or how much more they like it. It's insulting to how I look everyday. It's a fun change, sure. But I hardly wear make up on non-bar nights. I'm not going to take 40 minutes a day to flat iron my hair straight. I'm not giving up my mornings to make myself look sexier. I'm not sexy, I'm cute. I know I'm pretty, but I want to be pretty because I look like myself. I don't want to be an illusion. I don't want to be one of those girls who wakes up in the morning and needs to put make up on before she can walk out the door, or complains how she looks like shit at breakfast. Make up doesn't really make you look prettier. It just covers the little flaws that the people who care about you don't care about anyways. And that's why I'm offended that people told me I look "hotter" with straight hair. Thank goodness I chose to go with someone who knows me with curly hair and no eye liner.


abbacus said...

Try making friends with chinese people. You will get compliments like: "your new hair is better. your old hair was flat and made your face look quite round" or "if you will wear make up more, you will be ready for marriage sooner"

The Hunter's Prize said...

Oh the honesty of people who don't know the subtly of the English language!