Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Apparently, I Wasn't Lying!

I gave my classes over to the rightful teacher yesterday.

Yesterday morning actually started out with a bomb threat. Good way to start a Monday, don't you think? I actually got to school early, because I hadn't read the poem we were going to discuss in class and I needed to get my mind organized before I tried to teach it. However, new teacher was in my room when I got to school. He was setting up his room and I was preparing to go do a lot of grading in the library when the Assistant Principal came over the announcement speaker for all students to exit the gym (where they go for breakfast) and head to the fence on the side of the school. Then the alarms went off. I assumed it was just a drill but then I asked the OCS teacher what was going on as we walked across the field and she murmured "bomb threat". It was cold out yesterday morning, and my feet froze in my little heels. There were girls in capri pants and tee shirts. Guys with no coats. One side of the field runs along the main street, right next to the drop off area for students. The police came and blocked off the road, but pretty quickly the road in front of the school was jammed with cars. Lots of parents came to try and pick up their child. Most of them didn't understand that you can't just pluck your child off the field in the middle of a bomb threat.

They eventually cleared the building, about 45 minutes later. Everyone went into their classrooms and for the next hour we just stayed in class. Waiting till all the anxious parents came to get their kids. There was no danger, but by 3rd period over half the school was gone. There are over 600 students enrolled here. Only 250 some stayed the entire day. It was madness trying to get parents to understand that "No, you can't take your child and her three friends home." It's amazing how rules that are put in place to keep your child safe are suddenly disregarded when you think there is another danger. No, this school was not going to blow up. A month ago, the middle school had a bomb threat. This is a copy cat. It's all cleared. Why do you need to pull your child out of school? We've become so concerned about the safety of our children because of the school tragedies that we have seen, but yet we do nothing to ensure that our children behave in school, or actually pass their classes? I'm at a loss on this one. I couldn't believe the stories that the secretary shared about how parents treated her. Why would you get angry with someone who is doing her job and protecting the children she is entrusted with.

Chaos makes for some pretty pissed off parents. When they should be happy that we are doing all we can to make sure their kids are taken care of properly and with caution.

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