Sunday, December 02, 2007

Because I'm Helpful Like That

I tend to find a lot of things I want online. A LOT. And I show many of them to CS. But I don't really show them to him, rather I pick my computer up so he can glance at the item I want before turning it around again and searching some more. I don't always mean that I want something when I say I want it, which is why I don't give him ample time to gather all the necessary information that he would need in order to actually get me something I want this holiday season. Thus: My Online Wish List. (I have other things that are not online but online is just so much easier when you aren't close to civilization and you work 60 ish hours a week.) And for those of you not playing "What to get Jess for Christmas" just enjoy the link love. I've spend hours and hours searching the Internet for things I want.

Jess's Online Christmas List. In no special order.

1) This Etsy shop has a few Stacked Necklaces that I like. Like this one.

2) Also from Etsy, I love this but with a purple stone, not that bright pink one. The main site is here. And I wear a size 6.

3) If I ever decide to start knitting the mountains of yarn I purchased back in June, then these would be lovely to work on. I really wish that they made non-garish wooden ones, but not yet.

4) Yes, yes, I know I just bought sheets when we moved in here. But they are already falling apart and I know what I'm getting to Christmas and this will go just perfectly. Or rather, if that set doesn't come with pillow cases (as I suspect it doesn't) I like these too.

5) These are on sale and I think I need them.

I'm sure there are a lot more things I want. Need. Must HAVE. But I'm tired of looking. If you have any questions, I'm right next to you. Most likely. Or email my mom. She might know.

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