Saturday, February 07, 2009

And Now I'm Afraid Of The Dark

I got sucked into the Twilight series. I'm not sure how it happened, all I did was pick up her "adult" novel and after I finished that in 24 hours, I wandered into the library and the first Twilight book was just sitting on the cart. Waiting for me. I picked it up, read it and then all I've thought about for the last two weeks was Bella and Edward and vampires coming to get them. I'd dream about it, that's how badly I needed to know the end of the saga. Of course, I could have known sooner but the library didn't have enough copies of the last two so I had to put them on hold. Once I finally got them, I was at lunch with Jacob's great-grandma and she saw I was reading Eclipse and she told me she had all the books and I could just take them. Score! Too bad I didn't think to go have lunch there earlier. I was bidding for books on ebay and checking out Craigslist because the bookstore in town was out of copies!! Not that would actually buy them, I just needed to see if I could. And I couldn't so it drove me crazy! But now I've read them and I am sleeping vampire-less dreams again. At least I learned my lesson this time around and didn't jump on the bandwagon until all the books were written. Unlike Harry Potter.

Jacob is doing well, except for the awful spotty rash he has all over his torso. I assume that it's from a change in laundry detergent so I have re-washed his clothing. But my mom seems to think it could be a lingering effect of the Dtap immunization. I think two weeks is too long for a reaction to appear. His daddy is sensitive to everything, so it's most likely the detergent. However, it makes for a crabby sleeping baby and I had to share the bed with him last night instead of getting up every thirty minutes to soothe him lest he fuss himself in to a rage.

CS is finally working full time and overtime, maybe in a few weeks he will be able to find a place to live and we will get ourselves down to the beach! Although I am really not ready to smoosh my belly into a two piece swimsuit and lounge on the beach. Stretch marks are a buzz kill.

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