Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello Pants!

I am wearing a pair of pants that I hardly fit into before I was pregnant. I find this shocking and completely wonderful news! They are still a little tight but not awful muffintop tight. At least, my mom didn't think so and CS said they looked good when I sent him a text. And we know that those two people would never lie to me. Well, CS might but my mom wouldn't.

I'm not sure how this weight loss has happened since I continue to make wonderful desserts and dinners on a weekly/daily basis and I have at least four different types of chocolate bars and ice cream cones in the freezer. I mean, I'm sure it's due to all the breastfeeding I do because I haven't gone on a walk in months. So while nearly half the mommy bloggers insist that they never lost a pound while nursing, I credit it as the best weight loss system EVER. Or maybe it's the fact that my baby boy weighs almost 20 pounds and I have to lug his little body around. Not to mention the car seat and diaper bag.

His rash is getting better, super slowly though because it's trying to freak me out. I'm fairly confident that it's just a contact rash because the only place on his body that's not affected is the places that his diaper covers. If it was fungal rash (which CS's mom thinks it might be and why I should go to the Dr.) then it stands to reason that it would cover ALL his body. No? But if it's simply the All detergent in his clothes then of course it wouldn't be on his bottom. I'm trying to go with my instinct here, but it's hard when there are other voices out there, trying to send me to a Dr. when I think that they will just send us home with nothing. I did at least call the doctor's office and talked to the nurse who told me that it was probably just a contact rash or a viral rash and to just watch it. I think it's getting better so I didn't call and make an appointment.

More depressing than the rash is the fact that I went to the coffee place and ordered a decaf chai for my mom and a white mocha for me and I FORGOT to ask for decaf. So I only drank half and I hope that it doesn't affect someone else's sleep schedule because that will really mess with mine. However, it was delicious with the almond biscotti I made my mom for Valentine's Day.

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