Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Feels Like Sunday

My mom is off from the library today so it feels like the weekend is still here. While I don't have actually have much of a concept of days, it will be nice to have people around in four days rather than five. Since mostly, it's just Jacob and I making it through the day till we can do something in the evening. He's becoming more aware of being inside all day and so I'm making an effort to go outside and play during the day. As long as it's nice, this is easy. I discovered that he LOVES to swing with me. The park we went to didn't have a baby swing, so I just held onto him and he laughed without crying which I took as a good sign. We have a baby swing in the backyard but he's not strong enough to keep his body from slumping over and slamming his head into the ropes.

Yesterday marked the first time someone dropped him and I hope it's the only time. He wasn't really dropped, but he was jumping on the floor while someone held him up under his arms and he slipped out of his grip and fell onto his face. At first he just looked around and then shock got him and he started crying. Then hours later, the man that dropped him was talking to him and he started crying again. Obviously, he remembered and was not going to let him forget. I did remarkably well with it, I didn't even rush into scoop him up and freak out. I laughed. (That sounds bad. Someone dropped my baby and I laughed! Except he didn't drop him, he just sort of crumpled to the floor.) I wonder if that's a milestone in his baby book. I doubt it.

CS is finally working full time now. No more training, just going to work everyday and there is a lot of overtime to be had. So next week we will finally have some money! Yay! To pay bills with! Boo! And we can search out a place to live and by March, I suspect I will be living in Mississippi. I've always wanted to live in the South. And by the water, even better. And the Best Part of All? Jacob is going to have a Southern accent!

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