Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Should Be Napping

Jacob woke me up at seven this morning with his screechy little singing voice and his graspy little hands all over my face. I'm not ready for the transition from eight to seven and if that's how it's going to be then Mister Kister is going to bed before ten from now on. But I much prefer the singing in the morning over the wailing of a baby who wants to wake up but is too damn tired to open his eyelids.

*I'm watching the dogs dig in a hole in the backyard and I just realized they are digging in the same spot we buried a dog years ago. DAMN. Don't worry, mom. I told them to stop. And I will pick up the stuffed bear fluff today! Kthxbye.

Jacob's skin looks AMAZING today. His face looks like a cherub, it's so clear and creamy perfect. I haven't seen the rest of his little body yet but I'm sure that it's improving. Hopefully, I can quit the meds soon and go to Aphaphor once a day and keep this nasty eczema at bay. Once it's clear and it's past the 3rd of March, I can start him on some solids and I'm sure it will be a success. Since I tried with a taste of oatmeal today and he ate it! But then I remembered I made it with milk and babies can't have milk. FAIL (on two parts because I am not supposed to have dairy since I'm having a stuffy/drainy sinus issue today.)

The grand move to Mississippi is still in progress. It's not happening in the next two weeks because the ratio of bills to pay does not leave us with much left over. Unless CS works overtime which would be like manna from heaven. The past two weeks he's been sick so he didn't even get a full paycheck, much less overtime. Of course, before we come down there, he needs to find us a place to live. I've been told he's looking this week. He's been gone for over a month and it looks like we still have three weeks to go until he can get up here and that's if we get lucky. Our cards are maxed and the savings is shot and I refuse to pay things late because I'm difficult like that. If only we had our taxes filled by now!

*And I'm off to go yell at the dogs again...

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