Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Pay For This Why?

I finally took Jacob to the doctor yesterday and she determined that his rash was: maybe eczema but she's not sure so I have to go to a dermatologist. GREAT. So for now it's just a lot of Aquaphor and waiting till Friday for the appointment. Because getting into a clinic is hard, they either aren't accepting new patients or they can't schedule you in for over a week or a month. They tried to put Jacob in on the 26th, but I told them I need in right away because the doctor said that if they get brown and crusty that can mean Staph infection and who the fuck says that to a new mom? (Is she really a doctor if her title is physician's assisstant?) Why are there never good doctors in small towns? Maybe I should take him to the holistic lady in town. We can rub a little oatmeal and olive oil on his skin and slather him down with some homemade lotion.

He's still darling, even with a plague of red skin bumps and patches all over his little body. We put the Aquaphor on before bed last night (this is a two person job, my mom holds him and I rub him down) and before he fell asleep, I rubbed some on his face and he got very calm and seemed soothed. I hate to see him scratch his head till he bleeds and rub behind his ear while he sleeps because it's irritating him. I also like to sleep alone and that's a lot harder to do when the rash is waking him at 2 AM.

Mornings are his difficult time, mostly because he doesn't know how to wake himself up so instead he sleep fusses until I wake him up. Some mornings he sleeps in till ten and others he's up at seven. I prefer the eight AM waking. It makes me feel like we are normal people with real schedules rather than lazy college kids.

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