Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Call Me Itchy!

Actually, the boy is now called Itchy. The dermatologist deemed that he has a nasty case of eczema and we are to start putting a strong hydrocortizone ointment on his body twice a day along with some anti-histamine at night time. I can't put the ointment on his face, under his arms, or in the diaper area but I can use an over the counter version for those spots. So, I guess the Bad Mom of the Month award goes to me for thinking that it's JUST FINE and it will just go away ON IT'S OWN. Because it was obviously not going to go away. I just need to get it under control then I can go back to putting on Aquaphor at night. I think the Aquaphor was doing a good job by itself but it didn't do much to take it away in the last four days so I hope this new routine works. I can't bath him everyday anymore which sucks because he LOVES bath time and I like a clean baby.

CS and I are also in the midst of a Cobra battle. Anyone surprised? I thought not. Cobra finally admitted to receiving a fax from us that would add Jacob to the policy and they told us that he would be added and it was taken care of. But I kept receiving letters from the hospitals saying that I would be sent to collections if I didn't pay so CS called again and found out that it was still pending. Then we got a letter saying we needed to pay $340.00 to get him added. Right, after we'd been told that we didn't have to pay anything to add him in the first thirty days. So he called again and they told him that he didn't owe any money and it should go through in the next few days. THEN, I had him call again to make sure it was taken care of and it wasn't, of course. We had to call twice to get ahold of a supervisor who told us that we owed money but that the date to pay had pasted and if we wanted to pay, he could extend the deadline. But we are arguing that no one, ever, NEVER, told us that we owed more. They told us he was covered for thirty days and we just needed to add him before that time. We finally got him to tell us that we can send a request to their compliance department to review the phone calls and see if we were told that we owe money and if they told us that we don't owe money then they will have to cover it. CS send the email off to compliance last week and they said they got an email but nothing was written in it (surprised? I thought not.) So he's writing out a letter and will certify mail it so they can't fucking LIE and say "we never got it." My god, is it really so hard for them to pay out on ONE CHILD when they get paid for hundreds of people's insurance who never use their coverage? Honestly. Insurance in the US is obviously fucked up and if CS ever wants to quit his job while I'm pregnant again, I'm not sure how I'll respond but ugly might be part of it.

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