Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hello Snow! I Didn't Have Any Time To Miss You.

Last week, when the Epic Storm hit us, my house got a foot of snow and Canon got none. We seem to be making up for that now. Damn. I hate cleaning snow off my car in the mornings. Especially when I still don't have a snow scraper. Where the hell is that!

I'm also wearing very snow inappropriate shoes even though it was snowing when I left for work. Nor am I wearing any hose. My brain is still in sleep mode, we are catching up.

I'm still on my antibiotics and I hate them. I've never been on this version before, the generic for Biaxin. It doesn't hurt my stomach as much as the kind I had before but it makes my mouth have the most awful taste. I want to constantly brush my teeth. Although, I might have discovered last night that drinking a ton of water makes it go away. Gum does not.

The power keeps flickering here so I keep losing my post. There is talk downstairs of closing early, as the snow is beginning to stick.

There was a little girl here at work all day yesterday. She told me it was because the place they were staying wasn't open until 4 PM, which means she is staying at the shelter here in town. This made me sad that her parents would spend the entire day here at the library. There are a lot of people who do that, lots of them are internet users who spend as many hours as possible on our computers. That's also sad, because they obviously don't have jobs and they are usually trolling sites in search of someone. I personally would not want anyone to know I looked at such sites, much less do it on a public computer with 10 other people around you. And it's one thing for an adult to be here all day, but to subject your child to that seems wrong. I know they might not have many other options, but still.


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