Monday, December 04, 2006

Some Random Thoughts In Random Order

Dear Frontier, Thank you for cheap airfare today.

I felt completely justified in sleeping all morning on Saturday because of the snow. I woke up once and thought "I should get up" before remembering that it's cold out there and I was very comfortable in bed.

Snow, please go away now.

New Shocks- You are incredible. All four of you.

Hunter has his winter coat in and it makes his fur really thick and grabbable. I'm glad he has lots of extra, saggy baggy skin to grab onto when he's trying to kiss me into submission for not being home earier. I'm sorry, laying in bed was too tempting. It's cold outside! Thus the extra fur.

The DaVinci Code is boring. The lead girl is a moron. Tom Hanks looks old.

Today is a Bad Face Day. Something is off today. I don't know if it's the hair cut, or I'm just pale. Or maybe it's because I don't like what I'm wearing and want to be in jeans and a sweater with my hair in a pony tail.

Christmas is three weeks away. The second week in January is right around the corner. I am not ready for this.

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