Tuesday, December 05, 2006

To The O-Hi-O I Go!

I found a plane ticket to Detroit yesterday for $198.60. (I fly into Detroit so Annushka can come get me from Toledo) So I immediately called her to say I've found a ticket for the end of January and this is great so I'm gonna buy it.

And she says "Ok, well I really can't tell you this is a good idea until I find out about getting into the program and I just don't know right now and I won't know ever."

So after that I freak out a little bit and maybe cry a little.

A few hours later, she calls me back and I say to her "Ok, you need to seriously consider me coming out at the end of January as it may be the last time in a while I can come see you if all my plans work out."

Annushka says, "Ok, my mom is watching a show right now and I will talk to her about it when it's over and call you at 8 to let you know what's going on."

At 7 PM, she calls me back and says "Ok, buy it." And then I give her a hard time for even thinking she needs to ask her parents because years ago, the first time I stayed with her and she left me there with her parents alone for a few days, they said I could come anytime even if she wasn't there and her mom would totally take me to the yarn store and the Italian grocery store.

So it was settled and I bought my ticket this morning, and shockingly it was still $198 on Frontier even though Southwest bumped theirs to $266, which really bites since my flight out of Detroit leaves at 6:30 AM. Bitches.


Annushka said...

I am so the bad guy, eh?

The Hunter's Prize said...

It's just more fun that way.