Monday, October 01, 2007

Can I Post Photos, Safari?

I decided to buy some new clothes. And I'm a tad bit bored, as CS is asleep after an evening of suffering through over 100 welts all over his lower body, and the laundry is still going. I took some pics of the new clothes, actually, I took photos of the fabric. Ok, so this is going to be a "wanna be artsy" photo blog. Sorry. I'm not really artsy. I don't have an eye for color. Unless it's lovely yarn. Nor do I take really nice photos.

I live in New Mexico and I have no friends here so, um, yeah!

This is a lovely sweater I plan on wearing once I lose five pounds. Hmm. That's so wrong to buy clothes knowing you want to lose the squishyness before it's worn. Or, maybe I'll just buy those Old Navy stretchy pants...

This is a flowy, smocked peasanty shirt that is so the look I am going for. Tomorrow is Nerd Day at school, maybe I can wear that. I'll fit right in. Or maybe I fit right in anyways.

I love these pants. They might be kind of loud, but who cares. They are a size 6 and they rock my world.

As you can see, I was wearing this shirt when I took the photo. Also? A shirt like this should not be worn on the first day of October. It's just too Spring-like for Fall. Although, when does it start being Fall around here? Or do we just fall straight into winter? Bummer. I love Fall.

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