Sunday, October 14, 2007

Texas: A Watership Down Experience

I've never read "Watership Down" but I know it features rabbits as an illusion to people or society, something. But we drove through Texas last night and I saw more cottontail rabbits on the side of the road in 8 hours than I have ever seen in my life. CS tried to hit one, too. Ya'll can beat on him for that.

Anyways, we drove to El Paso last night to drop off my favorite family, ??? (or what I am going to refer to them from this moment), at the airport. El Paso is about 4 hours away, and right next to Mexico. Basically, I drove to Mexico and back last night. This all began at noon on Saturday, when I brought lunch to CS and he told me that we were taking the ??? family to El Paso. All five of them. Plus me and CS. In his truck. I said ok, like I always do, before thinking this through. 7 people. In a truck for 5. And one of those 7 is a toddler, and needs a car seat. Hmm. "This must be a joke", I thought to myself. I even sent him a text saying "You liar! We are so not going to El Paso tonight."

But then we did.

And it was long. So long. Just picture this for four hours: Front seat- CS and I. (Is that wrong that I got to sit in the front?) Back seat- Age 9, Mom, Age 10, and Age Two in a car seat. In the bed of the truck- Dad. For 215 miles.

Now, let me say this. One on one, and overall, I don't have a problem with Family ???. They are a great group, and have done many, many wonderful things for us. And will do them in the future. I have no doubts. They are great friends, and good children.

But, all together and in a space the size of a bathroom, I tend to silently lose my mind. If it's not the baby saying "You're stupid" and throwing toddler tantrums that never get nipped in the bud, it's the 4th grader's complaining of being bored, or the Mom who treats her children like she is the older sister and is being forced to watch her bratty half sister's while their parents are out for the night, the the Dad who tells the Mom to "just shut up!" I have never been around a family like this. It's the embodiment of the worst characteristics a family can have. On hand, it's good to see this because it re-enforces how I will and won't behave with my children and my husband when I have them. But on the other, I have to put myself through this on a regular basis because they are our friends and sometimes I have a great time with them. It's about 70% Great Fun and 30% Poke My Eye Out.

This weekend is the three day weekend where we were going to watch the kids, but we don't have to! They found someone else to do it, probably because of me. No one says anything about how I might feel toward them but I'm pretty sure it's a known thing. Some times I think I need to explain to CS that I won't be like this with our kids, that I don't dislike children. I'm just so uncomfortable around them. Such a shame I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

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