Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Truck Wants to Make Out With Me, And Buy Me Pretty Things!

Or maybe just marry me.

Why? Because I took it in to be serviced, and I vaccumed it, and I attempted to wash it! Automatic car washes are not an option for CS's beloved truck. No way, dudes. So I washed it by hand, with a bucket of car wash soap. Did you know there is such thing as car wash soap? I have never thought to wonder, until now. Now I just know. Only buy Maguires. Ok? I'm sure you were worried about what kind to use, and possibly you have been using the wrong kind. So start with the "good for your car" kind tomorrow.

I say I attempted to wash it because it's very dirty and covered in mud. And the water here leaves spots and white streaks when it dries too fast. I am just a short little girl who doesn't really know how to wash cars, much less huge trucks. But I did my best. And I cleaned out all the trash in the bed of the truck too.

Seriously, this truck wants to marry me now.

I accomplished quite a lot on my day off today. Flies have taken residence on our back screen door and the window above the kitchen sink, so last night I smeared up my windows trying to kill all the awful flies that invaded while we were making dinner. I killed a lot. Not many of them returned tonight! I vaccumed the house, cleaned the bathroom, waited around for the maintenence men to show up and fix the damn door already. Which they did. I heard loud bangs while I was in the shower, and I'm glad I didn't need to let them in. It's so nice now, I no longer have to slam the door shut or drag it open! It's like magic now, and so quiet. They also manages to somehow lock me into the house when they fixed it. The deadbolt on the front door doesn't work and when I came down to open the door for them to tell me they had finished, I discovered I was locked in. So I had to go out the back and work the key around in the lock before it opened again. After he saw that it was broken, he told me they would come back and they actually did! Fixed my deadbolt and gave me a key! Which is good, because you can totally open that door with a credit card. I am better not knowing that information, but I made CS tell me how he and our guests were getting in when they had lost his key. Then I made him show me how to open a door with a credit card. Just in case, you know?

After my house was all spiffy and clean, I went to get the truck and take it to Ford for a ton of services. I was there for an hour and a half, and only at the end did some annoying man start to talk to me. Luckily, they called my name. Actually, they called me Mrs. Slattery, about three times before I realized he was calling me. Hey! It's not my name! Oh, but you don't know that...Just gonna roll with it. Close enough to it, anyways. I also have his credit card and account password. It's not my fault I'm so good with finances! Plus, when I had no money and nothing to do, I felt really isolated in my position. So I control the money. He just makes it. Riiight.

And that's why he's buying a Wii on Friday.

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