Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Baby Room 101

They are finally (FINALLY) putting the flooring down in the extra room. CS originally told me that we would not be making that room the baby room because it won't be carpet and it must be carpet. But then we hit summer time heat and he decided that a non-carpet room would be better than the pink carpet room (pink walls too) and we should make the little room into the baby room. Of course, now I will have office furniture in my extra room. But at least they have a queen sized bed.

Anyways, what this means is that I get to set up my crib tonight! I've had it for almost two weeks and it's just been sitting there, disassembled and taunting me with its sparkly whiteness. I don't have much clothing to hang in the closet, nor do I have any type of shelving to put all the extras I have so they will remain in bags on the floor of the closet. But I have some sheets and a quilt. No theme bedding yet, but at least it's something.

I think I always thought I'd be that woman who went all out on decorating and matchy-matchy for the baby room. But, I'm not. Not at all. Maybe if I lived closer to shopping civilization, I might be. But all that costs so much money. For a baby room? A baby that will not care in the least what the room was decorated like? Or whether or not the crib bedding matched the window treatments? I'm probably going to slap some postcards in cheap frames onto the walls and call it done.

Or maybe I'm just reluctant to empty my savings or go into debt to make sure that my baby room is over the top. Sure, I want it to be cute and functional. But I don't want to go into debt to make it that way. Plus, I'm going to have to buy a rug at IKEA and even though it's IKEA, those rugs are still a little bit of money. If I'm going to IKEA, then I'm going to be buying some dishes too. Because I desperately need some of my own and I love them!

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