Thursday, July 10, 2008


Things that have happened I've been putting off talking about:

1) CS left his job. That's the short version. There's a longer one, but it usually makes me cry so I won't go into all that. Basically, he was terribly unhappy there and he decided to leave. He's working for a different company now, as a foreman. It's the same pay except no one is giving him rent money each week and he has to drive down to the valley in his truck. He's been getting up at 2:30 AM every morning to get to work by 4 AM so he can be at the job site by 5 AM. I suspect a move to the valley will be happening sometime in September.

2) We have to pay Cobra now. Enough said.

3) I'm on the upswing of the emotional train wreck of pregnancy right now. It's been quite emotional around here, what with the change and the uncertainty, since I don't do well with those two things. I'm better right now.

4) My fingers and ankles are showing signs of swelling. I took one of my rings off the other day and I am now unable to put it back on. I could force it, but I don't really want to have them cut it off because I can't get it off. That would be horrible.

5) My car is not working. It started last Thursday, at the bank. I couldn't get it to start back up so I left it there and got a ride from a fired co-worker back to work. Then it started later that night and I got it home. It started again when I went to Safeway. But come Monday morning, car was dead. Not dead dead, I can still listen to the radio and hear the engine try to start up. But there is no driving. CS was working on it last night, he seems to think the spark plugs are the problem, and my brother agrees. However, I drive a GMC and they are tricky to fix on your own. I believe there was lots of cursing at one plug in particular that will not come loose. We'll try again tonight.

6) I have a baby room now. It has a crib with bedding and clothings and diaper genie. I'm almost ready to have a baby, besides the fact that I actually have to deliver it. That, I can put off for a while longer.

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