Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cut Off The Power Supply

I collected my mail the other day, one of those things I do occasionally. Not too often because then I'm just depressed about the lack of interesting mail, nor do I want to get bills as they trickle in. I'd rather rip that band-aid off quickly. Which is just what happened last time I trekked down to the mailbox. (At this point, any time I willingly choose to walk down the hill to the mail is considered a trek. I waddled, for Pete's sake.) I knew my gas and electric bill would be coming at any point so I was not surprised to see the APS electric bill. But I promptly died of shock when I got home and opened it.

Guess how much my total was? For one month, no past due balance lingering over my head.

One Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars.


My prior bill was $55. Easy. No big deal. But in one month it more than tripled? That's fishy to me. I realize it was a lot hotter in the month of July than June but I have a swamp cooler! Not even the fancy "real" air conditioner. It's practically backwoods for a house to have a swamp cooler. That's what trailer houses use! It's for the poorer folk. So this bill? Is just a little bit shocking. Guess it's time for a meter reading!

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