Friday, July 25, 2008

Maybe I'm Qualified, But They Don't Know I'm Pregnant

I finally got a call back from a woman who works at the community college here in Globe. They've been advertising for an opening in the English department for the fall semester and I decided to bite the bullet actually call them. Mostly just to see what the qualifications are in order to teach at a community college. Sadly, it's easier to get into than public schools. Or so I think. The woman I talked to yesterday said that with my Bachelor's and some experience I should come in for an interview on Monday. Holy cow. I agreed to come in, but I left my enormous belly out of the conversation. They can't not consider me due to this little condition, so it's not strictly necessary that I begin and end each sentence with "I'm pregnant."

We'll see how it goes. If nothing else, at least I tried.

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Duncan Donuts said...

I might not be a lawyer yet but I do know it's illegal for them to not hire you just because you're pregnant.

Discrimination, lady.