Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making Girls Feel Pretty

The enormous belly and I had some fun this weekend when my co-worker came over to take pictures. CS joined in too, after I convinced him that he had time to shower and shave before she got to the house. Not like I hadn't warned him in advance. And boys claim to be so ready to go at any minute. Psh. I got ready faster than he did.

We took some really cute pictures. I also have about 25 shots of me looking confused or blank. I've had photo shoots before and they have always told me which way to look, or how to twist my body this way, and smile bigger. Both my lovely photographer and I realized later that we needed to pose the shot more than wait for it to just show up on it's own. Journalism does that to you, I suppose.

In any case, she took some great pictures that I will love to have further down the road. And it helped to have a day where I got to feel pretty again. Lord knows it's been a while since that happened.

Another co-worker of mine is going to do a photo shoot with me this weekend. We're going to get a little more risque and creative though!

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