Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holy Cow! Sorta.

I went to my last two week appointment today. I technically don't go for another two weeks, August 6th, but after that I am going to be checking in weekly. At my last appointment, the Dr. told me that they wouldn't begin checking my cervix until August but the Dr. I saw today has a different policy and she starts checking in between 34 and 36 weeks. She donned the gloves and announced that I was definitely closed, but softening. I suppose that doesn't mean much because I'm not due till the end of August and it's not the end of July yet, so obviously I am not really that close. But it sure feels that way. Weeks are just flying by.

OH THIS: I asked her if they do any estimate of the baby's size and she said there isn't a foul-proof way but she can give an estimate. And her estimate? SIX POUNDS.

Holy mother of God. 6 pounds. And I have 5 weeks left? That better not translate into an eleven pound baby because NO WAY.

Good thing that whole weight thing is just an estimate. Or so I hope.

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