Saturday, July 12, 2008


Things are swelling up around here and I'm not talking about my ankles. (Even though they are somewhat questionable, especially in the evening.) Out house is cooled with a swamp cooler. Those of you back East don't have these because you have wicked humidity. But out here, in dry desert land, we don't usually cool our houses with refrigerated air. We use a cooler that cools air by running water over pads of some sort (ours are a type of cardboard, but I've seen other with a sort of straw type pad) and blowing air through them to cool the air. It works well and you don't have to worry about a humidifier in the hot summer because you're constantly putting water into the air. This causes a few problems though, such as jelly beans gone soft due to moisture and sticky doors. Our kitchen door has become almost impossible to open and shut, not just because of the swamp cooler but it's Monsoon season in AZ. By this I mean it has rained once for an 8 hour span. Otherwise, no rain. But it's monsoon season. Watch out for falling rocks and flash floods.

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