Monday, April 20, 2009


I remember my mom picking me up from high school that afternoon, we were on a lockdown but that didn't mean much. We went back to the law office where she worked and we sat down and watched the re-runs of the shooting in Littleton. I didn't understand at the time that it was students who were shooting in the school. I didn't understand what was going on, actually. It seemed so far fetched, how could kids shoot other kids? I remember hearing that the boys were hateful and unhappy, how they played video games where they killed and listened to angry music. We know now that they were nice, polite boys; one with an after school job. They seemed normal. But no one wanted to admit that then. How could we? If we did that, then who knew what to be afraid of? Maybe the nice private schools kids at my high school could snap next. It could have been so much worse at Columbine if the boy's plan had worked. So many people are still alive because those bombs never went off. Sadly, one school shooting turned into many more. What has our world come to? Someday I'm going to be sending my son off to school and I pray that he never witnesses such a terrible thing. Or that my son becomes one of those angry boys who spins out of control. Often I think about how it'd be much safer to just keep him home and educate him myself. But I know I want him to have the "school years" experience. I just hope it's a safer place I let him go to.

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