Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Baby Likes Bananas!

So we are in the midst of solid feeding around these parts. I started with bananas and have worked my way to apples, pears, sweet potatoes, and squash. For a while he would only eat apples and pears if I mixed them with bananas but I think we've moved past that. Once he tried sweet potatoes, there was no holding him back. It was like I'd been holding out on him. He's just like a little bird, holding his mouth open everytime the spoon gets close. Another trick is to get his face nice and messy, then rub his open mouth onto the table edge. After that, he puts his forehead on the table to look down at his feet, thus getting his entire face dirty. Luckily he likes to clean up with the dishrag afterwards. Which is mostly just sucking the moisture out of a washcloth. I'm not going to lie, he's gone to bed with dried-on peaches in his hair.

CS has been told that he can have a job with LPR when the job picks up in May. For now, he's taking a weld test for copper nickel welding down in a shipyard in Mobile. So we will be able to get by for a bit until he can get on with LPR. Then I just pray that the job drama is over. Maybe in six months, he can go back to the shipyard in MS and get paid more but we'll see. Our lease is for a year, so unless we want to lose a ton of money again, we're going to stay put.

We were trying to get the owner of the house to keep the utilities on for us so we don't have to pay huge deposits and when CS called to find out, our realtor told us that the house we leased is going to be bought by someone else. So, instead of getting our check back, CS and the realtor went house hunting. And they brought back a BIG ONE. We were going to lease a two bedroom house with a little yard and a shed. We were going to have to get a fridge, washer, and dryer. But we would have a gas stove! Now, we have FOUR BEDROOM and two bath, one level house that backs up next to a creek, that leads to another creek, that leads to Mobile Bay. And get this! We only have to pay $25 more a month for it. The man who wants to buy the house we have a lease on offered to match the rent for another place. The new house was $995 but the owner cut it down to $875 and he will pay $75 to us and we will pay the $800. Two more bedroom for $25 a month? Ok. EVERYONE! Come to our house for the holidays, any holiday. Maybe just a long weekend? Quit your job and move in? The downside to this is that we have no furniture. How am I going to furnish an entire house, when everything I own fits into a storage unit, and half that unit is made up of tools. Oh my. I guess there will be a lot of thrift shopping. Anyone want to come live with us?

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