Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So You'll Probably Shoot Me For This

I went to Dooce's reading in Denver last week. I got there really late because I assumed that the only Tattered Cover was down on Colfax but the actual signing was in Highland's Ranch which is as far away as driving to Guam. I should have just given up when I found out at 7:10 but instead I drove across town to make it just before 8 PM. Of course, this means that I had to sit way in the back and that my number for the signing was 170. Sitting in the back wasn't so bad since I have a noisy baby who likes to make himself known. I was more bummed about being #170 in the book signing line because I had the baby with me and his current bedtime is 9 PM. I bought the book and waited around forever to get it signed and I think that Heather is a lovely woman and I do not know how she sat there for three hours and signed books while 7 months pregnant. Kudos to her! I wish she wasn't so famous that the bookstore was packed with fans because it would have been great to have a small gathering, much like the author visits in college. A few days later, I finished her book and I have to say that I'm disappointed. I think she's a wonderful writer and I love her blog and she's one of the few bloggers that I've gone through and read all her archives. I love that she can support her family on her website. But I was under the impression that I paid $30 for a book I haven't already read online. I can understand taking some of your blog and putting it into the book. But so much of the book has already been published and you can read it for free! I'm still interested in reading the book she put together from other bloggers about fathers, but I wish I would have saved my money. Of course, I'd regret it if I hadn't gone and gotten it. I'm always so remorseful.

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