Thursday, April 16, 2009

Waiting AGAIN

CS didn't pass the copper nickel weld test. However! He will be taking a stainless weld test on Monday so we hope that he will be working on Tuesday. Which is really cutting everything close to the wire. In case you didn't know, I hate that! I've been seeing a lot of people talk about how 2009 sucks and they want a Do-Over and I'm thinking that maybe I want to jump on that train. Not that 2008 was awesome and full of sparklers (see: out of work, pregnant, cobra, and October and December). But 2009 sure seems to be into kicking everyone when they are down and then kicking them again when they lift their heads up.

This means that I have to put off buy my ticket to Alabama a little bit more. Or I will just buy a damn ticket already and go down there and hope for the best.

Also, the State of Colorado is on NOTICE. Because they sent a letter saying that Chris owes from last year so they will be keeping our state. Which is NOT TRUE, as we paid them but they didn't make note of that. Seriously?

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