Saturday, April 04, 2009


I won a book about using an SLR from Y of JoyUnexpected ! Audrey totally emailed me to tell me that I won and I didn't even know it yet! Because even though there was an email from Y in my inbox, I didn't actually open it until later because I thought it was just an update on a comment, but it's not like I got updates from all the other comment. Having a baby has fried my brain.

In other news, CS has a job that doesn't start until MAY 10TH. But hey, it's a job. And what will irk me the most is it's a job with a company he already worked for. OH YES IT IS. The same company that he worked for in AZ when he quit while I was pregnant. If you recall, there was much woe and many, many hundreds of dollars sent to damn Cobra. I'm trying not to be bitter.

But who cares! I won a book!

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